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Weekends are cherished in our household, for a number of reasons. My husband and I often work on Saturday or Sunday, so if we're gifted with a day when all four Bradleys are at home, we don't take it for granted. For our boys, weekends mean more computer time (as opposed to school days), and three-day weekends make their little hearts explode with joy! So, you can imagine the tears when they ...continue reading

Stocking Up for Summer

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Most of the time, I roll my eyes at the targeted ads that show up in my Facebook feed. Just because I searched for "underwear with elastic that lasts" does not mean I want to be inundated with ads for unmentionables every time I go online. But once in a while, something that actually interests me shows up, like yesterday's ad for Tinker Crate, offering "monthly hands-on activities that get kids ...continue reading

License Plate Game

License Plate Game

Enjoy this printable I made for a game that has entertained countless generations on long road trips: The License Plate Game, originally shared in this post ...continue reading

Everything Old Is New Again

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A common conversation, when I'm teaching classes on the art of upcycling, is how old this seemingly "new" concept is. We've given it new names (like "creative reuse") and much better PR (Pinterest alone can be credited for making "upcycle" a household word). Still, at the end of the day, upcycling has always been a way of life, for some. I tell students not all artists are upcyclers, but all ...continue reading

Teacher Appreciation

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Remember the old Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercials, where the person with the chocolate runs into the person with the peanut butter - literally runs into, so that their ingredients are combined - and it's a moment of pure serendipity? Earlier this year, as I was sorting my collection of obtainium for the umpteenth time, I found myself wondering how to get rid of two donations that I thought ...continue reading

Project Sheets

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Whatever your day job is - teacher, blogger, parent - think back to the first year you did this. Everything was new (so exciting!) and you were new at everything (such a learning curve!). Midway through my year as Artist in Residence, I can honestly say the newness hasn't worn off. I have yet to duplicate a project, so every time is like the first time. Fortunately, I've partnered with some ...continue reading