47 Hankies

A friend of mine began her retirement this week. For months, she's been sorting and donating and thinning her stash of worldly possessions, determined to lighten her load before this next phase of life. She mailed me a lovingly curated box of her odds and ends, with the note, "Hope this stuff is useful." Buttons and bells, keys and Altoid tins, ribbon and what-nots. Of course I find it all ...continue reading

I’ve Been Funded!

Friday afternoon, I received an email with the following subject line: Christy Redick contributed $1,000.00 to "Leah's Barn Raising" My husband was sitting across the room when I read this and saw me freak out a little (okay, a lot). Within minutes my enthusiasm gave way to suspicion and I convinced myself I'd been hacked. The gift is too large and takes me just $70 shy of my goal. And who ...continue reading

Trash or Treasure?

My youngest son and I were walking through an elementary school yesterday, after hours, and passed a small pile of trash that was obviously the result of the custodian sweeping a classroom. I thought I saw a couple of pencils in the pile, but kept walking . . . until we came upon a second pile of trash. "Are there pencils in that pile?" I asked out loud, already knowing the answer (and already ...continue reading

Save Those Tags

Have you ever noticed how well made and sturdy some price tags are? Actually, now that I think of it (and look through the pile of tags I've collected), all the tags I'm impressed with are from men's clothing (which probably says something about the quality of clothing I buy for myself ... but I digress). The Rock & Republic and Marc Anthony tags, in particular, are made from some high ...continue reading


From the time I was big/strong enough to move my bedroom furniture, I've enjoyed rearranging things. My mother would always tell me I was nesting - a tweak here, a change there - nothing done because it had to be, it was just what I enjoyed doing. I enjoy nesting even more as an adult, because now I have a whole house to play with. The only down side is the chain reaction I cause whenever I ...continue reading

Mrs. Bradley, You Inspire Me

I'm happy to report that the sketchbook project is going ridiculously well. The students continue to be enamored with the process of upcycling and have started bringing some of their own materials to share and use in class. How cool to know our conversations about creative reuse stay with them, beyond the end of class, so when they get home they're still asking, "What could I make of that?" The ...continue reading