Bigger on the Inside


I turned 46 today. In addition to my traditional gifts of chocolate cake, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and completing a series of projects around the house, my husband gave me a pair of TARDIS earrings. I hadn't been feeling particularly reflective about this birthday (unlike previous years), but these earrings triggered a chain of thoughts that led me to see, after 45 years of life, I am ...continue reading

Put It Out There


When is the last time you shared a want or a need or a hope or a dream? This afternoon, I found myself staring at a bin full of empty Altoids tins, thinking how amazingly easy it was to acquire these. I saw a craft I wanted to try that requires empty Altoids tins, but upcycling is only upcycling if I'm saving something from the trash or recycle bin. Buying Altoids and dumping the mints so I ...continue reading



I'm not always productive (yes, even I spend my day rearranging deck chairs, from time to time). But yesterday was one of those days when one project required I complete another project, and then those two projects required the reallocation of space, and that snowballed into our reorganizing three out of the five closets in our home. At first, I felt badly for my men - none of whom had any idea ...continue reading

Meal Magnets


It's no stretch to say our family is in a rut when it comes to evening meals. The truth is we're simple folks with simple palates, content to stick with what we know. But when 5:00 pm catches me by surprise, I stand, like a deer in headlights, staring in our pantry, trying to recall what we ate the night before and what I have on hand. Last night, I was convinced I was feeding our kids ...continue reading

Happy New (School) Year!


Now that school systems have such different calendars, the start of a new school year doesn't feel as momentous as I recall from my childhood. My friends in southern Indiana are on a year-round calendar, so they went back on July 30. In much of Michigan, the first day of school is the day after Labor Day. Meanwhile, we fall somewhere in the middle, starting our 2014-2015 school year in mid-August. ...continue reading

Leah “The Upcycler” Bradley


A friend from college surprised me yesterday with a care package, sent from her home in California. She keeps up with me via Facebook, mostly, following my adventures in upcycling, and sent some odds and ends she figured I could put to good use - empty prescription bottles, quilt pieces, yarn. I love what she sent, (thank you, Lea!) but the way she addressed the box was the best part. By ...continue reading