Vegetable Sightings


The first stage of the gardening process is always the biggest confidence booster, because almost all our seedlings have begun to sprout! I know full well that nothing I see in April guarantees anything will bear fruit come summer, but it's awfully inspiring to see the start of several vegetables already. The lettuce and peas are heads and pods about the rest (goofy gardening humor totally ...continue reading

Reorganizing, Again


The bane and the blessing of living in a small home is how little space there is to store our stuff. The blessing: it encourages us not to acquire things or, if we do, to get rid of something old before we bring in something new. The bane: we spend a lot of time reorganizing. Personally, I love organizing things. It's good to be reminded what we have (man, are we blessed!) and to revisit ...continue reading



If you could only use one word to describe yourself, what would it be? There was a time when I used the word enthusiastic. It still applies, but not in the same way. I used to use it in cover letters and interviews to counter my lack of experience. Now I bring energy and experience to the table, so the last time I was asked the question above, I replied "renaissance." In one sense, that's my ...continue reading



It's rare for me to buy fresh flowers. And by "rare" I mean darn close to never. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but their beauty is far outweighed by the buyer's remorse I suffer when I see them wither and die. But last week the Kroger florist made it impossible for me to pass up a bouquet of oriental lilies. They were marked down multiple times, until at $2.99 they seemed too good to be true. ...continue reading

This Weekend We . . .


It's rare to hear someone say, "Boy, that weekend went by too slowly!" So, occasionally, it helps me to look back at my family did together, to remind me how much we crammed into our 2-day Sabbath. 1. We celebrated our oldest son's 12th birthday. For all the potentially high maintenance stuff autism can bring into our lives, we are blessed with one incredibly low maintenance kid when it ...continue reading



Arguing with my husband is so exhausting. You'd think I'd build up some stamina, considering, like most married couples, we fight about the same things over and over again. But, no. The man whose kiss can still make me feel like the first time can also inspire the same righteous anger no matter how many times we've disagreed. Prior to our squabble, I'd spent an inordinate amount of time trying ...continue reading