Sketchbook Project


My first Artist-in-Residence project for the new school year is teaching fourth and fifth graders at Camden Elementary to make their own sketchbooks. In previous years, students have used a composition notebook for this purpose, but the art teacher and I loved the idea of this lesson within a lesson (and it's just plain cool). We discussed this project last spring, so I had all summer to gather ...continue reading

Barn Raising

actual barn raising

Admit it: aren't you tired of my writing about how much stuff I have, but that I have no place to store it? I know I am. For too long, my focus has been on the negative side of upcycling  - the clutter that can come from never throwing anything away. I found myself feeling stuck with rather than grateful for my harvest of obtainium. So, last week I started a GoFundMe campaign. I wanted ...continue reading

Sunrise, Sunset


A few times each year, I'll receive a coupon for a free photo collage or 8 x 10 print, which I typically use to print some of my favorite recent photos of our boys. We don't take them for studio pics or have a photographer we use for a yearly family photo - I just annoy them, now and then, taking photos with my phone or camera, and somehow manage to end each year with a few memorable images. As ...continue reading

Rescue Me


Have you ever heard the joke about the man stranded on his rooftop after a horrible flood? Soon, a rescue worker paddles by in a canoe and offers him a ride to safety. The man says, "No thank you. God will save me." Hours later, his neighbor comes by in a boat and invites him to climb aboard. But again the man says, "No, thank you. God will save me." An entire day passes before the man sees ...continue reading

Timing Is Everything


Elaborate meals have always overwhelmed me. I'm convinced that getting the main dish, the side dishes, and the rolls to all finish cooking at the same time is nothing short of witchcraft. Something always ends up overcooked or undercooked. What's intended to be moist and tender is dry and tasteless. The marinating is rushed. The time needed for something to set is fudged and the whole thing falls ...continue reading

Upcycled Art Journals


Although the in-school parts of my Artist in Residence gig are on pause over the summer, I'm still trying out new projects, perfecting others and playing around with the stash of supplies I collected last spring. Discarded books remain my favorite medium. Last week, Crafting a Green World - a site that promotes "conscious crafting and craftivism" - posted links to ideas for a dozen types of ...continue reading