A Door Hanger for Sara


Are you the kind of person who can easily see shapes or objects in the clouds? I play a similar game when I see obtainium - stuff that has been cast aside and deemed useless, until it's obtained by someone who can see the potential in it. Last week, I found myself staring at a few wood flooring samples, envisioning all kinds of uses for these things. The larger ones would be fun to use as ...continue reading

Let’s Play


I'm married to a devout reader. My husband is the type of reader who has multiple books going at the same time, gets nervous when he doesn't have one waiting in the wings, and always reads before he falls asleep (on top of any other reading time he can squeeze in throughout the day). He told me recently that the only time he ever doubted our relationship would last was when he found out I don't ...continue reading

A Thousand Words


With so much of my creative energy going toward crafts and preparation for the Maker Faire later this month, I've found myself at a loss for words. It's disconcerting, having so much I want to share, but the stories just won't come. It's a little like the feeling I have when I dream I've got to take a final exam in a class I never attended (which, as it turns out, actually happened to me, but I'll ...continue reading

Now I’ve Seen It All


When I was old enough to have a school locker, they were used to hold books. Maybe a photo or two, held on with magnets or Scotch tape. And we had to walk uphill, in the snow, everyday, just to reach our locker, so no one spent much time decorating it.Fast forward to today and there are lockers at my son's middle school that are better decorated than my bedroom! I say, "Good for you." I'm all for ...continue reading

Let’s Talk Trash @ ReduxLou


Garbage. Junk. Scrap. Trash.Most of the time we misuse those words, associating "garbage" with things that are distasteful or beyond use. In reality, garbage is just something we deem no longer useful or wanted and, as a result, we throw it out. But, not all garbage belongs in a garbage can.So, how do you tell the difference between just garbage and good garbage? Learn to look for the potential, ...continue reading

The Mother of Invention


The countdown to the Louisville Mini Maker Faire is prompting even more makery than usual in the Bradley household. At this point, it's as much about the displays and set-up as it is about the makery we'll be displaying. For example, last week, a friend shared a pic of a button ring she found on Pinterest. I asked my husband if he'd take a crack at making one. Seven rings later, we agreed we ...continue reading