Pet Toys


My quest for balance and my need for organization intersected this week, when I looked at my ever-growing stash of obtainium and realized I've got to use up more of this stuff . . . but only if I make things that leave my house. I created some calm amid the chaos by loading my car with materials I'm using at schools next week - more found-object creations for the Arts Center's Artist in ...continue reading

Boyfriend Bracelets

2015-03-06 15.54.05

Remember the days of wrapping your boyfriend's class ring in mohair to make it small enough to fit your finger? After I covered all my wire hangers in t-shirt yarn, I started looking for other metal that needed softening and decided to use a bangle bracelet as my next guinea pig. The bracelet I chose was too big for me and pretty cheap looking, so anything I did to it would/could be an ...continue reading

Cornell-inspired Creation

2015-03-05 12.35.11

Yes, I'm still on my Cornell kick. Last week, I explored ways I could adapt his style to the materials I have on hand (or what I think I can get more of) for some of the school projects I'm teaching in the next few months. I have several ancient (more than 40 years old), gutted, library books and decided they'd make an interesting base for a Cornell-inspired creation. What began as a collection ...continue reading

Cardboard City

2015-02-27 10.27.25

Earlier this month, I spent a week at Goshen Elementary, in Prospect, Kentucky, helping third, fourth, and fifth grade art students create a cardboard city, inspired by the work of Annalise Rees. Rees is an Australian artist who looks at a cardboard box and sees, "...delightful banality and boringness, common to all, the magical gateway into childhood fantasies. Timber, brown paper and string. ...continue reading

Using up Scraps

2015-02-23 13.45.53

You know how people say the best way to measure the generosity of a person is by seeing how kind they are to someone who has nothing to give them in return? I think the same test could be used to define the commitment level of a creative re-user. While anyone could make something out of an old pair of jeans, it's how they treat the leftovers that separates the crafters from the ...continue reading

Joseph Cornell Box

2015-02-04 18.00.48

I'm happy to report that my experience as Artist in Residence for the Oldham County Schools Arts Center has exceeded all of my expectations. The projects are diverse - building a cardboard city at one school, creating self-portraits out of found objects at another. The crowd-sourcing of materials is challenging, but everything (to date) has been found or donated (or rescued from my attic), and not ...continue reading