The Gift of Organization

2014-11-16 16.59.27

I began a new organizing assignment last week, tackling a client's huge storage space and sorting through everything from old family photos to decorations for every holiday. I enjoy all of my clients, for different reasons, but this one is especially fun for me because I'm completing this project while my client is out of town. In the span of about nine hours, I will transform a source of major ...continue reading

Artist in Residence


I have wonderful news to share, thanks to a perfect storm of random conversations and perfectly timed interactions, over which I had absolutely no control nor any idea this would be the result. Honestly, a forwarded email led to a friendship that fueled some freelance work, that encouraged some movement beyond my comfort zone, that led to a conversation on Facebook, that got my name in front of ...continue reading

Cloth Calendars

2014-10-28 21.14.38

Raise your hand if you grew up with a cloth calendar hanging in your kitchen. They were usually made out of linen or cotton (like flour sack towels) and intended to be taken down and used as a kitchen towel when the year was over. However a lot of people stashed them away, considering them keepsakes instead. Last week, my mother-in-law gifted me with more than 30 years worth of cloth ...continue reading

Let Me Handle This

2014-11-04 11.15.19-1

Painful life lesson last week. We have new/different homeowners insurance and got a letter from the provider, pointing out that we have a tree limb hanging precariously over/near our roof and some roof tiles that are buckling and in need of repair. The insurance company informed us that both of these issues need to be addressed by the end of this year, if we plan to keep our insurance. The tree ...continue reading

Mapping Our Bathroom

2014-10-29 08.17.53

Our oldest son has always loved maps. One of his gifts, thanks to his place on the autism spectrum, is the ability to recall directions to and from any place he's ever been and any place he's ever studied on a map. One summer, when he was 4, maybe 5, I spent an evening or two online, signing up for a free state map from any state tourism board that offered one. Each arrival was a double gift - ...continue reading

Candy Land Themed Birthday

2014-10-27 11.34.47

I've mentioned on more than one occasion that my upcycling leads to some wonderful conversations. Lately, these moments have also been right-place-right-time encounters. For example, during the Maker Faire, I met two kindred spirits, who were as interested in talking about the act of upcycling as they were in looking at my upcycled creations. My first new friend was looking for inexpensive and ...continue reading