Good Bones

Have you ever heard someone refer to a house as having "good bones" - a situation where the house's exterior might be iffy, but is built well enough that it's worth the investment of your time or money or both? This summer, I'm learning to appreciate the good bones inside some otherwise cringe-worthy composition notebooks (rescued during this year's gleaning). The challenge with upcycling ...continue reading

Upcycled Textiles

Today is Day #1 of my Upcycled Textiles camp at the Oldham County Schools Arts Center. I spent my weekend making samples of what I'll teach and knew I'd made enough when my husband started showing signs of appreciation fatigue. I don't blame him. The reaction to "Look what I made!" is nice, but, for me, the bigger thrill is in the discovery of something new I can do with materials I have. I ...continue reading

The Lusty Month of May

Allow me to share part of the earworm I've enjoyed all month long! Tra la! It's May! The lusty month of May! That darling month when ev'ryone throws self-control away.   It's time to do a wretched thing or two, and try to make each precious day one you'll always rue!   It's May! It's May!  The month of "yes you may" . . .   Alas, for me, the "wretched thing or two" isn't nearly ...continue reading

Treasures and Inspiration

Last week, instead of teaching something specific, I let my upcycling students "shop" from what I've collected in the Creative Reuse Center and come up with their own projects. The creativity and chaos that followed drew some attention from students passing by our room on their way to other classes. A few lingered in the doorway, so they could get a better look. One dubbed it "the treasure ...continue reading

Spice Tins

Do you save your old spice tins? For the longest time, I've coveted vintage spice tins I see in magazines and online, used to organize art supplies or as a home for tiny succulents. It turns out what I was really coveting was their exterior, because the spice tins in my pantry will work just fine - I just need to decorate them (no offense, Kroger). Even better, these aren't rusty or musty, like ...continue reading

Mini Masterpieces

Too many things are keeping me from writing a nice leisurely post, but it's rare that anything can keep me from doing something creative each day. So, here's what I'm working on now: I call them mini masterpieces. I'm painting on paint chips (is that considered irony?). Every year I get a gazillion of these donated by businesses and interior designers after the chip colors are no longer en ...continue reading