Spice Tins

Do you save your old spice tins? For the longest time, I've coveted vintage spice tins I see in magazines and online, used to organize art supplies or as a home for tiny succulents. It turns out what I was really coveting was their exterior, because the spice tins in my pantry will work just fine - I just need to decorate them (no offense, Kroger). Even better, these aren't rusty or musty, like ...continue reading

Mini Masterpieces

Too many things are keeping me from writing a nice leisurely post, but it's rare that anything can keep me from doing something creative each day. So, here's what I'm working on now: I call them mini masterpieces. I'm painting on paint chips (is that considered irony?). Every year I get a gazillion of these donated by businesses and interior designers after the chip colors are no longer en ...continue reading

A Month of Makery

Teaching a weekly class on The Art of Upcycling is really 20% instruction and 80% planning, practicing, and making samples of what I'll teach others to make. You know I love living in that briar patch, spending time every week practicing what I'll preach, er, I mean teach. Pinterest is, of course, a godsend when it comes to searching for inspiration or examples. But, in case you haven't gotten ...continue reading

Classes, Camps and Workshops

Below are fliers for what, where, and when I'm teaching others how to make something of it. Almost anything I teach can be adapted to suit a different group, location or amount of time. For example, the summer camps I'm teaching for "young upcyclers" (grades 4 through 8) could become a weekend retreat for adults, a 4-week class for you and your friends, or a birthday party for anyone who has ...continue reading

I’m a Chain!

Remember that scene in Steel Magnolias, when Truvy's husband surprises her with a new beauty salon - Truvy's West - and she exclaims: "I'm a chain!" Last year, the Oldham County Schools Arts Center gave me space to store my overflow of rescued materials (beyond what's in my barn and the back of my van). Then, two months ago, they added shelving and a work table, and I set it up as a creative ...continue reading

Van Gogh

I'm not sure if age has taught me not to worry about what others think or if I've just learned what's worth worrying about and what isn't - either way, the older I get, the less likely it is I'll be bothered by something superficial. Our 2001 Honda Odyssey - whom I lovingly refer to as Van Gogh - gives me countless opportunities to prove this. First, it's a mom-van. Nothing sexy or sleek about ...continue reading