Baby’s First Year

Looking back at pictures of our boys as babies, I have to rely on visual cues to remind me how old they are in each picture. For example, I look for Halloween costumes or Christmas decorations - all the other months/seasons are anyone's guess. Today's new parents, however, have solved this dilemma with the adorable new trend of baby's-first-year markers. Artists make and sell these on Etsy, ...continue reading

Denim Update


To some, it may appear as if I have an endless supply of denim for my crafting. In reality, however, I'm just a scrap hoarder, determined to use every viable part of a pair jeans, before releasing the remnants back into the wild (i.e. my compost pile). I found an old blank book tucked amid some family memorabilia. It looks like it was someone's journal at one point; several pages have been torn ...continue reading

He’s Perfect (for Me)


My husband isn't a frequent topic for my blog posts, but he's inspired his fair share. For example, this morning, I wanted to share pictures of his latest gift to me: painting our coffee table. We acquired this piece for free - a giveaway from a friend who used it during graduate school, but was thrilled to replace it with something more modern after he graduated. It was a deep cherry (real ...continue reading

More Than a Gift Box


When is a gift box more than a gift box? When it's sooooo pretty it doesn't need wrapping paper or a gift bag! This project began a few years ago, when I was searching for something to put handmade cards into, so I could give them as a gift. I had a box that originally held blank note cards from Hallmark and realized that I only needed to cover a few places to make the box generic enough for my ...continue reading

Homemade T-shirt Yarn


After trying my hand at crocheting coasters with T-shirt yarn, I've been culling my rag pile for more jersey or jersey-like fabric. On evenings when I don't have the energy for a project with lots of moving parts, I've found I can scratch my itch to make something by cutting up a T-shirt while binge-watching Luther on Netflix. I've got a good start on a small stash of homemade T-shirt yarn I can ...continue reading

Wire-wrapped Ring Winners!

wire ring giveaway winners

Today marks the conclusion of another contest on the MSOI Facebook page. Congratulations to the winners of the wire-wrapped rings: Janice West, Jenni Walker Noyes, Christi Santa Cruz Felps, and Susie Losi Huber. My husband will spend the next few days making rings specifically for each winner - based on their color and size preferences - then I'll pack them up and ship them out, after reading ...continue reading