Love ’em and Leave ’em

You may recall, we live in a rather laid back neighborhood. By "laid back" I mean no crazy homeowners association with rules about what color Christmas lights are acceptable. Plus, the few rules we do have (for example: please don't park on the street) are ignored by 2/3 of the neighborhood. So we consider ourselves fortunate to be flanked by neighbors who take pride in the upkeep of their homes ...continue reading

Purple Plastic Boxes

What shall I do with these? One of my husband's coworkers gave them to me (and continues to give them to me, every week or so, about a dozen at a time). Her husband uses them at work (I think they hold vials or tiny test tubes or something medical-ish) and when he's done with them they're considered trash, because they can't be reused - at least not for their original purpose. Purple, ...continue reading

Doing My Own Dirty Work

My beautiful new barn has been with us a week now. I've waited patiently while the floor was waterproofed and the outside painted. Now it's time to load her up! I was so tempted to just go to Home Depot and buy some new shelving units, rather than making do with what I have. Time is money, after all, and I told myself I "deserve" to splurge a little. Besides, it's for a good cause and it'll be ...continue reading

My Little Red Barn

Everyone who listened to me, supported me, funded me, and cheered me on: I wish you could have been here to watch the building of my barn. But here's the next best thing. Enjoy!   ...continue reading

Tuff Shed Is Coming!

Today is the day! After countless blog posts, bemoaning my lack of space, the support of friends near and far, and a ton of serendipity, today I am getting my barn. Note I didn't say a barn. I said my barn. The barn I envisioned. The barn that I shared as my "dream barn" when I began fundraising through GoFundMe. In typical Leah fashion, I jumped into this project knowing just enough to be ...continue reading

Big Deal

I don't write about my family as often as I used to - at least not directly. They get a nod, now and then, as the inspiration for a new idea or for their part in creating something, but, there was a time when depression, autism, and parenthood (all headliners in the show we perform seven days a week and twice on Sundays) were frequent topics for my blog posts. The connection between today's ...continue reading