Bouncing Back

So, summer is over (the best part of it anyway) and our little family is getting back into the school year routine - earlier bedtimes, more regular meal times, setting alarms and paying more attention to our to do lists. I don't know if you noticed, but I took an unplanned (and therefore unannounced) vacation from this site for the last month. Maybe it's because I taught more this summer than ...continue reading

Upcycled Art Supplies

I take great pride in the fact that my "art of upcycling" classes don't require the Arts Center to spend much, if any, money on supplies. Consumables - like glue sticks or Sharpies - must be purchased every so often, but all the big stuff is found or donated, and more and more supplies are made by me. For example: check out the upcycled paint palettes I made using a variety of plastic caps and ...continue reading

Be the Innkeeper

I hope you're sitting down - or at least holding onto something sturdy - because I'm about to consciously let my worlds collide. This Sunday, I'm preaching at a small Presbyterian church in southern Indiana, filling the pulpit while their pastor is on vacation. I don't accept many opportunities to preach anymore. I like my new calling and the ways I find to preach what I believe about seeing ...continue reading

Paper and Pen

This week, I've been playing with paper and pens, in preparation for the next two summer camps I'm teaching: Paper Crafts and Sketchbooks + Journals. Between Pinterest and an online lettering class I'm taking, I have plenty of inspiration. I've decided there really is something to that 10,000 hours thing.* Like learning to write the alphabet, lo these many years ago, repetition makes me more ...continue reading

Under Construction

Just a heads-up: is getting some tweaks and tune-ups this summer! Some of the changes may appear as if they're new posts, but aren't, or temporarily move content to new locations on the website. Why? Well, partly because of the way my site is set up and partly because I'm trying to do a lot of the reworking myself - which means a period of trial and error, learning as I ...continue reading

Good Bones

Have you ever heard someone refer to a house as having "good bones" - a situation where the house's exterior might be iffy, but is built well enough that it's worth the investment of your time or money or both? This summer, I'm learning to appreciate the good bones inside some otherwise cringe-worthy composition notebooks (rescued during this year's gleaning). The challenge with upcycling ...continue reading