Felted Wool Dryer Balls


I love seeing how others make the most of what they find at a creative reuse center. I may talk a good game, but I'm still very much a novice when it comes to upcycling. Thanks to Facebook, I get to peek at the ideas and creations of other re-users, which is generally where I find my inspiration.  Last week, I read about felted wool dryer balls, made out of some of the wool yarn remnants ...continue reading

Harvest Time

zero landfill square

Over the weekend, I volunteered at the final day of this year's Zero Landfill project in Louisville. This was what they call the Harvest - when people are invited to come and take home as much of the donated materials as they want/need. As I welcomed and brainstormed with visitors about what they might do with the scads of gorgeous donations, I gradually accumulated a good-sized pile of my own, ...continue reading

Make the Most of Your Space


I am fascinated by the tiny house movement. I love seeing the clever ways tiny house dwellers make the most of their space, particularly the multipurpose creations - like a bench that morphs into a table or a bed that can be "put away" using pulleys. I'm still quite proud of the mud room I carved out of a corner in our kitchen. And now I have a new space to show you: our foyer. Like most folks, ...continue reading

Ode to a Handkerchief


As fall allergies threaten to morph into a head cold sooner or later, I'm striving to keep a handkerchief in my pocket at all times. I know I've mentioned (more than once) my love of these earth-friendly accessories, but lately I feel like turning my praise up a notch, for anyone still on the fence about adding these to their dresser drawer. Reason #1: Most allergy sufferers will tell you that ...continue reading

I Can Recycle That?!


It's Sunday night, maybe a half hour before our boys' bedtime, and our oldest utters the phrase every parent dreads: "Mom, I need to take some stuff to school tomorrow." Apparently he and his science partner are building an insulated cup from scratch and he volunteered to bring the Duck tape, scissors, and denim. Wait. Denim? How many parents have a stash of denim they're willing to part with ...continue reading

A Month of Minimalism

G K Chesterton quote

So, there goes September. I was momentarily tempted to say "Where did the month go?" but then I remembered how many ways I put it to good use. I can't complain. In addition to all the crafting, upcycling and family stuff I blogged about, I took part in a month of minimalism, inspired by The Minimalists, two bloggers who write about living life with less stuff and more meaning. They challenged ...continue reading